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Let’s have some knowledge discussion and I will Share some FAQs about Wi-Fi Routers and Internet. Please note all answers given below are as per my best knowledge and taken from Internet blogs.

So You can verify once again in case you are willing to use it. There are some basic terms defined below, but some of us might don’t know and it can help them if I cover them below.

How to Reset Wifi Username and Passwrord?

The Simplest ever option is to RESET your Wifi Router by Pressing the RESET button on the Wifi Router.
Then Log in with the Default Username and Password given at the backside of your Router.
Warning: Everything on your Wi-Fi will get Reset, your ISP username, and your Wifi Password.

How to Increase Wifi Range?

You can Improve Your Wifi Coverage area by putting the Wifi at the center of your Office/Home it will cover more area in 360 degrees than one direction.
Avoid using other Wi-Fi Router on the Same Channel as it will create network disturbance. You can use dual-band routers for better performance.

What Is DHCP?

The DHCP or  Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is a Computer Network Standard that is responsible for assigning IP addresses to the devices connected on a network.
An IP address can be assigned manually by the admin over this DHCP protocol.

What is MAC Address?

The MAC or Media Access Control Address is a Unique Identifier Number that represents the Network Hardware, just like a mobile IMEI number.
Network cards when manufactured are given these MAC addresses by manufacturers and it remains the same for that device until you change it.

What Is MAC Cloning?

MAC cloning is a trick to fix the Network connectivity issue by copying the Laptop or Other Router Device Mac address to your Wifi Router.

What is PPPoE?

PPPoE or Point-to-point protocol over Ethernet is an Internet security Protocol for Networks connected over Ethernet or LAN.
PPPoE allows the devices on the Ethernet modem to established connections from point-to-point creating a secure way to transfer data.

What Is SSID?

The SSID or  Service Set Identifier is the name of your Wifi Router or Hotspot. It is an Identifier combined with Characters and Numbers so users can find the Network.

What Is DNS?

The DNS or Domain Name System is just a system that translates IP address as Domain name. For Example, we use a Website domain name to visit it and our browser uses an IP address to connect with the website, and DNS helps both here and serves IP address to browser and Domain name to the visitor.

What Is an IP Address?

An IP Address or Internet Protocol Address is a Numerical identifier given to each device connected over a network. For example, if you are using a Wifi Router then it will assign an IP address to each device connected to the Wifi Router.

How to Block Wifi users?

To Block any User on Wi-Fi you first need to know the MAC address of that user.
Then log in to the Admin Panel of Router >> Go to Settings >> Advance >> Security >> and Select the User and Click on Block User option.

How to Use Public WiFi Safely?

Here are Few Tips while you use Public Open Wifi:
1. Keep your Device Firewall On.
2. Do not visit or download from http:// or unsecured websites.
3. Try to use a Trusted VPN they keep you secure over the network.
4. Do not give any Permission if the Public Wi-Fi is asking on your Phone.

How To Reset The Wifi Router?

Follow these Simple Steps to Reset your Wifi Router:
1. Find out the Reset Button on Your Router
2. Press the button for 10 to 15 seconds
3. Now Your Router will Reset and Restart.
4. Wait till it gets Fully Restart then you can log in to the Admin panel with Default Username Password.

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